Heads up PS3 fans

Hey guys sorry I haven’t been keeping up with this blog.  Because of time constraints I will now only be able to post on Fridays.  However, I do still post every other day on Channel Surfin With the Capn so be sure to check that out.  Now back to business.

Your first look at the new PS3

Your first look at the new PS3

There  have been a lot of interesting things going on with the PS 3.  For starters Sonyreleased images of a new, slimmer Playstation 3.  The new model is similar to the slim PS 2.  Personally, I prefer the original model as it just looks like a full system.  In any case, rumors are circulating that this bad boy will be released in fall.  I haven’t heard anything about the price though. 

If you already have a PS 3 it’s time to take a look at the games you need in your life.  Let’s start with Killzone 2.  This game is the best PS 3 exclusive first person shooter.  The story is pretty good and does incorporate the 6-axis control system.  But this games true strengths lie in the online play.  Aside from killing people, you are constantly upgrading your character, unlocking and developing new jobs.  Though some jobs limit you to certain weapons, their benefits more than make up for the lack of fire power.  If you own a PS 3 it’s time to check this game out.

Drake is always ready

Drake is always ready

Some other games coming out that need to be checked out are God of War 3 and Uncharted 2.  In fact, I originally bought my PS 3 because I knew when God of War came out I would have to own it.  Kratos is the ultimate bad ass and now he is working to take down the gods.  Add the titans to this game, and he’ll definitely have his hands full.  Uncharted 2 once again follows Drake on his treasure hunts.  If you never played the original Uncharted(Another great Sony exclusive) pick it up,  you will not be disappointed.  Look for both of these games to hit stores later this year.


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