What’s in your console?

So right now I’m in the middle of a few different games, all of which I thought worth mentioning in today’s post.  All of which are worth checking out.

Sometimes all you have to do is wait

Sometimes all you have to do is wait

For starters, I always have an online shooter to play.  This leads me to Rainbow Six: Vegas 2.  This game is great.  Whether you are playing the story mode (A parallel sequel to the original), terrorist hunts (A mode in which you kill a set number of enemies), or even the online versus mode, you are always ranking yourself up, allowing you access to more weapons and essentially more destruction. 

Edge fears no creature

Edge fears no creature

I also just started Star Ocean: The Last Hope.  RPGs have always been my favorite type of video game, however in this day and age it’s hard to find any good ones.  In any case, you can always count on a game from the Star Ocean series combining sci-fi with drama to bring you unique and developed characters.  If love long, drawn out games with a unique battle system then this game is for you.

Anything you can do he can do better

Anything you can do he can do better

Lastly I am also playing Skate 2.  Having been a huge fan of the Tony Hawk series since the days of P.S. 1 I was a little reluctant to play Skate at first.  However, that soon changed after spending just 5 minutes with the game.  Skate is cool because you actually flip the joystick in different motions to do different tricks.  I’m not gonna lie, it is kind of hard at first, however the more you play the easier it becomes.  Still, I’m waiting for the Tony Hawk series to steal this concept and make it better when they make their triumphant return in 2010.

Well that’s all for today but be sure to check out those games, all of which I can personally vouch for.


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